Sunday, 5 May 2013

1 Week till Deadline

Continued to render out remaining shots. Handed over a few more shots to Gary to composite while I continued with render set-ups. Last shot submitted to Renderfarm on Tuesday. Had some refresher training on how to use Final Cut Pro and the Edit Share in the Edit Suites. Also seeked help from the technicians to help explain what settings I should be rendering individual shots and the finished film out of After Effects as. Composited the last 3 shots myself.
For the background in Shot 23, because the camera moves around the tree, a normal Matte painting in the background did not look right as it stayed still. I then tried keyframing it to match the camera movements, it improved slightly but still did not look right. I therefore went back into Maya and created a sphere, I deleted all parts of the sphere that were not seen in the shot, I was then left with a curved plane in the background which I UV-mapped and applied the Matte painting to. When the camera moved now the Background moved at the speed and distance it is meant to:
Composited still from Shot 23
Composited still from Shot 23
Composited still from shot 27
Composited still from Shot 32
Finished the edit of the final film – just the credit sequence and sound to add.
Finished editing the credit sequence on Thursday.
Received the sound sequence on Friday and added it to the final film using Final Cut Pro. Rendered out the Animation Codec version and the H.264 formats and submitted them to Edit Share for Assessment.

- Lilly


  1. This is looking solid! Trying my best not to watch too much before the degree show, but I'm excited :D Good luck with the final push!